Bespoke Pixel

we're in Barcelona, we're making games


Bespoke Pixel was founded in 2024 by industry veterans and is situated in the center of vibrant Barcelona.

We are in the process of assembling an international team of craftspeople who are interested in performing at their peak and creating world-class entertainment in an intensely collaborative environment. We commit to the traits that we know will shape a great team; friendliness, professional curiosity, and being 100% honest with the players.

While we currently are keeping our ongoing projects under wraps, we don’t hesitate to admit that we have sky-high ambitions. We are no fans of compromises, because we are obsessed with quality.

Bespoke Pixel is an independent lead studio and we are fully funded.

And,  yes... We truly love making video-games!


Leading the team is David Polfeldt, known for his work on acclaimed titles such as World In Conflict, Far Cry 3, Just Dance Now, Assassins Creed, Revelations Southpark, The Division, Frontiers of Pandora, and Star Wars Outlaws. He is the author of The Dream Architects – Adventures in the Video-game Industry (Grand Central Publishing, 2020).

working at Bespoke Pixel

Hoping not to come across as snobs, we admittedly have quite a narrow window when we hire.

Bespoke Pixel is looking for people with extensive and proven expertise in their respective field, the kind who are driven by a perpetual desire to grow. Additionally, we place great importance on the personality traits that are essential for fostering a strong team dynamic: friendliness, professional curiosity, and honesty.


We aim to remain relatively small and are initially focused only on playable prototypes.


We believe in the power of face-to-face interaction, which is why we require all employees to be on-site five days a week. Dynamic interaction with intelligent people is a cornerstone of our production process. We also believe that happy developers make good games, which is why we offer a great overall package for all members of the team.


Our hiring process is thorough but informal. We promise you that it's designed to ensure that every member of our team is well-vetted and prepared to welcome you aboard.



get in touch

We might not be doing a lot of press at the moment, but we're always interested in talking to great talent!

You'll find us hard at work at the following address:

Aticco Bailen

C/ de Bailèn 105

08009 Barcelona